The Drogarati Cave in Kefalonia: Drogarati is an impressive cave with remarkable red formations of stalactites and stalagmites 150 million years old and is considered rare geological phenomenon. It is visited by lots of tourists every year and can be found 3 km to the south of Sami village, on the eastern coast of Kefalonia and right on the main road that connects Sami to Argostoli.

The Melissani Lake: Melissani Lake is located in Karavomylos village, 2 km from Sami village. The outside of the cave is surrounded by the forest and at the inside a magnificent site opens: a rocky cave filled with crystal clear water. Enjoy an unforgettable boating in one of the most beautiful and rare underwater lakes worldwide.

The lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi in Argostoli Kefalonia: The lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi is a circular structure with 20 columns and its tower is 8 m tall. It was originally built in 1828, destroyed in 1953 earthquake and rebuilt in 1964. A great place to relax, swim, take photos of the great view.

Katavothres geological phenomenon: This is one of the world's most astonishing geological phenomena for which there has been a lot of discussion. Katavothres is not difficult to reach, as it takes only 3 km from Argostoli long the Fanari road. The sea water rushes in through some cracks in the rocks on the shore and vanishes underground.

The castle of St George: Is one of the most well-known and historic sites in the region of Livatho. The fortification of the hilltop was begun by the Byzantines but it was the Venetians who gave the castle its final form in 1504. The castle served as the island’s capital until 1757. You can visit with metropolitan church of Evangelistria, a typical example of Ionian baroque, in which notable post-Byzantine icons from the ruined churches of the Castle have been preserved, walk inside the castle, visit local shops with traditional artworks, drink coffee or eat enjoying the view of the Argostoli Gulf.