kreatopitaThe traditional local cuisine includes pies, herbs and meat dishes based on unique recipes. Do not forget to taste different type of pies, ‘sofigado’ coat (special recipe with red sauce and potatoes), ‘tsigaridia’ (rice with mixed herbs), rabbit cooked in a special vinegar sauce fried in lemon and garlic.), and the superb ‘aliada’ (garlic sauce).

Kefalonia is rightly famous for it's pies. The Kefalonian meat pie (traditionally made from rice and three meats: lamb, beef and pork), the delicate salt colt pie ,and other pies such as the cheese sweet pie.

All local dishes are based in pure raw materials produced from local farmers. Special herbs like oregano, sage and thyme are used for unique gastronomic creations.

gastronomia‘Riganada’ (bread, olive oil, oregano and tomatoes) is the local’s favorite snack or the perfect starter.
Feta is a white-brined curd famous Kefallonian cheese used as a table cheese, as well as in the Greek salad. Most notable is its use in the popular dishes spanakopita ("spinach pie"), tyropita ("cheese pie"), and xortopita (“herb pie). Another exceptional product is Kefalotyri, a hard, salty yellow cheese with intense spicy taste.

Taste ‘Lavraki’ and ‘Tsipoura’, delicious sea basses grown in Local organic crops units.

The local extra quality virgin olive oil is well known for its taste resulted of the soil ingredients, the climate and its production procedure.

The island is also famous for its traditional sweets, such as ‘mandola’ (sweet almonds), ‘amygdalota’, mantolato’, ‘pasteli’, and ‘pastokidono’.


robola 2The local Thyme Honey holds a special position between all types of honey around Greece. Its color is light amber and it is intensely aromatic.

Kefallonia is very famous for its excellent wine and especially for three varieties: Robola (dry white wine), Mavrodafni (sweet, thick and dark red wine), Muscat (sweet white wine) and Tsaousi. Try them together with the local dishes!
Taste all the above dishes and sweets, and do not forget to take back home some ‘mandoles’, a ‘Robola’ bottle of wine and a vase with pure ‘Thyme Honey’!